Why You Should Never Run Alone

In late July I began a Marathon training program with serious concerns about wehther or not I could run ten-miles. In October I ended up running 149 miles total.

What made the difference?

  1. A training plan that gradually worked it’s way up to longer runs
  2. Proper nutrition
  3. Self-confidence that grew as I acheived goals
  4. But more than anything else it was my training partners

Till about a year ago I would always run or train on my own just because it was more convenient. However I’ve since made the commitment to never run alone (or as little as possible).

Because running with partners keeps you going on the hard days.

There are experiences in training that will make a person want to give up or quit [1]. And if your training on your own (like I was) then the motivation to keep going must come FROM YOURSELF.

Obviously this resulted in lots of training runs ending early.

That’s why having training partners who can give encouragement along the way is so awesome.

Last Saturday was a particularly hard run for me [2] and to be quite honest my mind was telling me to give up about half-way through. Thankfully that’s when my partners started giving encouragement and telling jokes to take my mind off of the pain.

Runs like that are reminders we need more than just determination when facing challenges. Because our determination can only take us so far

In that moment when you really want to give up there must be a motivation “outside of yourself” that comes from trusted friends.

In twelve days I will finish the Richmond Marathon, something that would never be accomplished without my faithful running partners.

  1. Who slowed me down when I was going too fast
  2. Who encouraged me when I was going too slow
  3. Who confronted me when I missed a training run
  4. Who listened to all my corny jokes, and sang disney songs to make me laugh
  5. Who used logic to motivate me (fn)
  6. Who always gave me a high-five and good job when we were finished
  7. And more than anything else kept me going when I wanted to give up

Thanks for reminding me it’s not about how strong you are, but whether or not there are people to help in your weak moments.

  1. large hills, leg cramps, lack of energy  ↩
  2. It was forty-two degrees and raining  ↩
  3. If you can run eighteen miles of course you can run twenty!

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