When You Can’t Fix the Problem

I’m normally a pretty happy person so it takes lot to get me down. However when I do get depressed it reaches pretty intense levels (we are talking jelly beans, pepsi, french fries, and way too much Netflix.)

I went through a couple of these phases last week (which hasn’t happened in a while) because my return to Australia continues to be delayed.

Please understand this frustration isn’t directed towards Immigration because they are just doing their job. What breaks my heart is not being able to help the people of Australia who have become so precious to me

More than anything else though depression comes from the fact that I cannot fix the problem

Many people (men especially) embrace the role of dealing with or “fixing” their own problems. While part of this is pride, it mostly comes from the natural desire for independence (taking care of things on our own).

Eventually though we are going to run into a problem that cannot be fixed. And what we do then truly defines us.

Obviously discouragement and frustration in situations like this are natural…the problem is when thats your ONLY response

I mean seriously watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix only helps so much
just kidding…I prefer Gilmore Girls

Though painful those depressing experiences help us understand reality (in my case returning to Australia is going to take a while). The good news is this allows us to find things that we CAN FIX instead of trying to fix problems outside of our control.

For me personally this means becoming a positive role-model to children (young men especially) who need guidance and help

It’s amazing what doors open up when you start focusing on things you can do.

In the last month I have begun.

1. Mentoring a High School Senior
2. Giving personal tutoring to kindergarteneres and first-traders
4. Getting involved in a reading help program
5. Helping in an after school program with twenty-four first graders
6. Starting a fitness program for elementary age children
7. Training for a reading program with inmates in a local prison
8. And will soon start one on one computer tutoring

Is this what I want do for the rest of  my life?  No of course not.

I still wake up every morning wishing I was in Australia

And go to bed every night dreaming of my return

But until that day comes my heart will actively pursue doors opened by God instead of trying to force ones the He has closed for the time being.

So when facing a problem that can’t be fixed do yourself a favor;

  1. Put down the jelly beans
  2. Pour that pepsi down the drain
  3. Turn off Netflix (unless it’s Gilmore Girls)
  4. And find the ways that you can help others

I’m not promising that everything will suddenly become perfect…but it will ensure when that opportunity does come, you will be ready for it.

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