Why I Miss Halloween

On a table in my family room there is a bowl filled with about fifty fun-size candy bars, and it makes me very sad.

Part of this is because around foty-six of those candy bars will be consumed by family members. We will give out four or five to trick or treaters if we are lucky

The real sadness though comes from the fact that Haloween is no longer awesome.

I can remember as a child dressing up every year and two-hours later coming home with huge bags of candy [1]. And while the treats were great, the truly awesome part was just being able to be a kid.

Editors Note: I realize Halloween is a very polarizing subject so let me clarify that I’m referring here to the childhood experience of trick or treating, and don’t agree with everything associated with the holiday.

Unfortunately it’s not safe to go out trick or treating any more.

Sure this has been replaced by some fun things like fall festivals, parties at home, trunk or treats, or visits to the local pumpkin patch.

But part of me wishes that kids today could experience the same Halloween I did without parents worrying for thier safety.

While helping a kindergartener with some reading Wednesday we started talking about Halloween.

He excitedly described his costume to me, but then explained with a bit of sadness that he wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating [2].

While this is the right decision I mourn over the fact that children aren’t able to experience many of the things I did as a kid.

Because we live in a broken world.

Thankfully it’s still possible to be a kid on Halloween [3] but sometimes we need to take a moment and mourn the small things lost.

Like childhood

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have forty-six candy bars to eat

  1. which became carefully rationed after the two-day sugar rush of 1983  ↩
  2. it’s my personal opinion that this is the right decision, particularly at his young age  ↩
  3. Don’t forget to dress up and get your Krispie Kreme donut!  ↩

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