Frustration Shows Us Reality

Everybody-Loves-Raymond_1024-768I’m a tv addict who loves to lay down on the coach every night and enjoy a television program. At the end of a particularly hard day I enjoy watching “Everybody Loves Raymond.”


This show is a favorite because it’s hysterical, but in a deeper sense it shares a flawed view of reality.


Most of the episodes go like this

  1. Raymond makes a foolish mistake
  2. He tries to hide it from his wife (with hilarious results)
  3. His wife finds out and gets angry for a while
  4. They forgive each other


Watching Raymond I can clearly tell real life doesn’t work that way.


Problems aren’t fixed that quickly


Relationships aren’t mended in a moment


There are actually supposed to be real consequences for foolish actions


Sadly there are experiences that teach us this flawed view of reality (things will be worked out without consequences) in a far more subtle manner.


God in His grace gives us a special blessing sometimes. Moments when the Lord’s presence is so close we can actually feel it, and things are worked out in a way that only God can accomplish. 


These experiences are used  to remind us of His presence in the hard times. But our minds (consciously or unconsciously) start to believe things will always be this way. I personally believe this is a lie Satan uses so when frustration comes it’s met with confusion or anger.


This is why  frustration is a blessing since it teaches us how the world really works.

  1. You don’t always get what you want
  2. Things won’t always be fair
  3. Just because you obey God doesn’t mean everything will be awesome
  4. We are living in a cursed broken world



At first glance this seems incredibly unloving of God, but frustration experiences are actually for our good



In 2004 I arrived in Melbourne Australia for the first time on a short-term missions trip. For three weeks the Lord greatly blessed my life, and placed a burden in my heart for the Australian people [1].


On January 10, 2010 I returned to Melbourne as a full-time missionary fully expecting God to continue blessing the same way He did in 2004.


He didn’t…


The Tuna Quiche Experience from John Wilburn on Vimeo.



Instead of blessing I faced challenges such as leaving family and friends, adapting to a new culture, and getting started on my own [2]


There were some painful moments in those first few weeks but guess what…that’s what life is really like.

  • Every day won’t be awesome
  • You can’t fix every problem in a half-hour
  • Everything can’t be done on your own


This is depressing I know. But this clear understanding of reality frustration gives [3] helps PREPARE US FOR THE BAD DAYS!


See there are countless people who live as if every problem can be fixed right away without consequences, and reality hits them like a brick wall.


The Lord instead brings frustration into our lives in smaller doses [4] so when facing lifes larger challenges come we are ready to face them with God’s help.


As Christians we live in a broken world filled with pain and suffering. I wish that wasn’t true but it is.  Thankfully the Lord uses frustrating situations to remind us of this brockeness, and look forward to the day we will live with Him forever in a perfect world.

  1. I believe this experience was used to confirm God’s calling me to Melbourne  ↩
  2. new house, car, ect.  ↩
  3. there will be good days and bad days  ↩
  4. few people would move to another country like me  ↩

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