Genesis 3:1-Satan Knows How We Define Justice

IMG_0118Gen. 3:1   Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? (KJV)


The question of Satan towards Eve in Genesis 3:1 at first seems pretty harmless.  But this is definitely more than just a simple question, it’s a seed of doubt put into her mind.


Satan here is exhibiting shock or surprise over the fact that God didn’t allow them to eat from every tree (most translations say did God really say?)


In today’s culture Satan probably would have said something like “are you kidding me?  Did God actually say you can’t eat from every tree?”


This shock over God’s rules shouldn’t surprise us because Satan knows exactly how our culture defines justice. 


A Biblical definition of justice would look like this:  Whatever the Lord brings into our lives that helps us grow closer to Him.


Our view of justice is defined as “getting whatever I think is right.”


Few people would come out and say this publicly, but there is a growing belief in our culture that views placing restrictions on a person as wrong.  And of course deep down inside each of us want our own way (Scripture calls this a sin nature).


So when an “unfair situation” comes (we don’t get what we feel we deserve) Satan immediately shows up exhibiting shock over this injustice.  And begins whispering into our ear “this isn’ fair.”


Rebellion against God never just happens overnight, instead it begins with a simple thought in the mind of an individual that life is unfair.  Over time that frustration over injustice (somebody tells me what I can’t do) grow into anger, bitterness, and eventually rebellion.


The thing is we don’t realize how serious that little “this isn’t fair” thought can be.

  1. It takes our eyes off of God and puts it on one thing we cannot do
  2. It defines justice as freedom to choose whatever we want without consequences
  3. It turns our anger eventually towards God
  4. It keeps us from accepting responsibility for our actions


It’s easy to think we can remain faithful to the Lord in our own strength when frustration comes.  But the truth is before we know it Satan has slipped the idea of injustice into our minds…and the rebellion has already begun.

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