Why Christians Need a Mission Field

IMG_0693There are a lot of challenges to sharing the Gospel of Christ today, but for many Christians the biggest one is they don’t have a mission field.

Of course the Bible is very clear that God wants everyone to be saved, so actually the whole world is our mission field [1]. However there is a need to be a bit more specific since we can’t witness to everyone.

When thinking about thier own mission field Christians focus on things like

  1. Family members
  2. Co-workers
  3. Friends
  4. And neighbors

These are definitely people groups in need of the Gospel. Yet I personally believe a mission field goes a little bit deeper than those we interact with regularly

The fact is God gives each one of us interests or gifts that equip us to reach a specific group of people for His glory.  For instance God has provided gifts that prepare me for ministry in Australia:

But believe it or not though Melbourne Australia is still too big of a mission field.  Trying to reach every individual in a city filled with immigrants from over 100 different cultures is just not possible for by myself

so I have to go deeper and find out what SPECIFIC PEOPLE GROUP in Melbourne God has called me too.

Editors Note: Of course this doesn’t mean I only share the Gospel with one group of people. Instead my energy is focused mostly on those individuals God has given me special gifts for

With the Lord’s help I’ve learned my mission field is young children [2]

  1. Because I have a genuine love for working with them
  2. The Lord has given me a gift for connecting with children
  3. My speaking and teaching style fits very well with them
  4. Working with children honestly comes very easy to me
  5. And they listen to or respect me when they won’t obey other adults

More than anything experience has taught me there is a special calling upon my life to reaching kids with the Gospel (I just know this is what God created me to do).

  • So I volunteer in elementary schools four days a week
  • teach Bible to twenty-four first and second graders
  • Work in Sparkies on Wendesday nights
  • Help with an after-school fitness program
  • And am looking to do more because all of these ministries give opportunities to share the Gospel

I’m aware that not everyone has as much time or energy to put into reaching their mission field. But it’s still important to have understand what that specific people group is, for only then can they become truly involved in God’s plan for their life.

  1. II Peter 3:9  ↩
  2. Kindergarten to second grade  ↩

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