What Two Days Without A Cell Phone Taught Me

IMG_0008Okay guys I have a confession to make…I love technology. No seriously…I REALLY love technology. Which made losing my iPhone on Saturday that much worse.

For those of you who may not be aware I ran the Richmond marathon last Saturday (pretty hard to miss with the ridiculous amounts of running posts on my Facebook page).  About a half hour after the finish I got some food and began transferring everything into a free bag.

There was only problem

my phone wasn’t there.

The same one that I had been using to take a ridiculous amount of pictures with just a few moments before was no longer there. Which of course means.

  1. I set my phone down and forgot about it
  2. I dropped it
  3. Or my personal favorite, a ninja snuck up and took it right out of my hand [1]

Quick backtracking to all the places I had been proved my phone was indeed gone for good.

Thankfully I was due for a free upgrade so the phone situation was fixed by 11:00 Monday morning. However this also meant almost two days “off the grid.”

  1. No tweeting, Facebook posts, or Instagram
  2. No GPS (had to actually use printed directions to get home, which made me feel like I needed to churn some butter)
  3. No getting email away from my computer
  4. And no phone calls or texts from beautiful women asking me out on a date (okay you can stop laughing now)

More than anything the time without a smart phone showed just how much I relied on it

For instance I use mine to:

  1. Wake up every morning
  2. Read the news
  3. Check internet websites
  4. Sort through emails
  5. Get directions
  6. Set a timer for my french press coffee
  7. Check my schedule
  8. And occasionally do my Bible Reading (usually this is done with a Bible)

Keep in mind that’s just one hour of the day!

What really worried me was the fact that I instinctively reached into my pocket ten or fifteen times looking for the phone even though my mind knew it wasn’t there.

In the end being without a phone taught me a very important lesson about life; you can survive without technology.

  1. I made it home safely with printed directions
  2. The world didn’t end when I went a few days without posting on Facebook
  3. It’s possible to use an ACTUAL CALENDAR of all things instead of your phone for scheduling
  4. And you won’t miss much being off the internet

Technology is truly awesome, however losing it shouldn’t be our worst nightmare

  1. Coincidentally that’s exactly what happened when the right hand mirror of my parents van magically disappeared while driving home from work one night.  ↩

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