Why I Sweep the Floor After Devotions


My morning routine usually goes pretty much the same

  1. Walking into the kitchen at 5:30 and turning on the coffee (editors note:  I NEVER get up that early in America but having roosters in the vicinity makes it hard to sleep much later)
  2. By 5:45 I’m the porch drinking coffee, after two cups feel somewhat human
  3. Around 6:00 I start watching sportscenter or the news for thirty minutes
  4. At 6:30 I’m having devotions with a Ryrie Study Bible
  5. And then about 7:00 I start sweeping the house

no seriously I always sweep the house after devotions

Actually sweeping isn’t a very strange thing since I keep the doors open whenever I’m home (the sea-breeze makes it cooler) so its common for dust and sand to be tracked or blown in (especially when kids are around).  But 6:55 in the morning IS kind of a strange time to start cleaning.

Actually sweeping that time if day isn’t just about being clean or organized, it gives me a chance to meditate and pray over what I’ve just read from God’s Word.

Like many of you I sometimes struggle with meditating on the truths of Scripture after having devotions.  I realized that part of my problem was going directly from Scripture to sitting in front of my computer working through a seemingly endless to-do list, which left no time to just stop and think.  

So a kind of “unplugged work” that didn’t use any kind of electronics was necessary…work that allowed for silence and moments without mental distraction.  

Hence the sweeping 🙂

My morning sweeping ritual usually consists of two different things. I either think through a Bible verse from that mornings devotions (I’ll spend ten to fifteen minutes getting it in my mind first) or work through the HEAR method of Bible journalling  mentally (Highlight, Explain, Apply, Respond).  And of course this kind of meditation usually leads to prayer.

As an illustration let me use a verse the Lord helped me memorize from yesterdays devotions, Nehemiah 9:33

Neh. 9:33 Howbeit thou art just in all that is brought upon us; for thou hast done right, but we have done wickedly: (emphasis added)

As I swept, dried dishes, and folded laundry from the day before my mind was first struck by the word “just” in that verse.  However the more I thought about it  “In all that is brought upon us” made a greater impact because it refers to the sovereignty of God who places everything that happens into our lives.

That thought of God’s sovereignty led to prayer

  1. Lord thank you for ordering the small parts of my life as well as the huge parts
  2. I confess that often I question the justice (goodness) of what you “bring upon me” thinking that somehow I know better
  3. This improper attitude leads to stubbornness that doesn’t trust your love
  4. Help me focus not on the circumstances of life, but the one who brings them, and trust your love

Not every day has such a life-changing truth but for me that really isn’t the point. The point is allowing God to speak in the stillness of the morning hours, and then meditating on the truth He has given for the rest of the day.

The world we live in is filled with constant noise, interruptions, and busyness so sometimes the best thing we can do is create a moment of silent reflection among the clamor.  And in the midst of that moment allow the still small voice of God to speak.

2 thoughts on “Why I Sweep the Floor After Devotions

  1. John, I just read your comments from the verse in Jeremiah and it spoke to my heart. You probably know that my son was murdered October 8. It was a senseless death and has and is hard on all of us. But I know that God allowed it and His will is perfect and the verse in Jeremiah is also true that. We are comforted by the fact that Anthony is in Heaven but there is still pain. Also you saying that after you read your devotions it doesn’t stay in your mind, well that is true for me too. So that was a reminder to me to start really consentrating on what I read. May the Lord continue to bless you.


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