Dear Wifi…

















Dear Wifi,

A week ago today I moved out of the missionaries house that I’ve been staying in for five-months for a rental with no internet whatsoever.  To be perfectly honest that morning was kind of sad for me because your such a huge part of my life.

  1. You allow me to check favorite websites while I drink that first cup of coffee
  2. Inform me of news and current events after devotions every morning
  3. Update the all important “to-do list” as I plan out the day
  4. Provide websites that help me wrestle with difficult Bible passages during sermon preparation
  5. You let me text my mom and dad every morning after sermon prep so that its (almost) like I’m still at home
  6. Its with you I’m able to communicate all over the world using Social Media and email while eating breakfast
  7. Offer a library of digital books that are vital to the development of discipleship material every morning 
  8. Help me compile articles, videos, and photos from the Internet in one place (Evernote) so that can be easily found for future lesson plans
  9. Fill my mind with music, podcasts, or audiobooks while getting ready, and organizing the house
  10. Let me message people in town so they can know I’m on the way
  11. After morning visits the latest tv programs are a mouse click away as I make lunch
  12. You give me applications that teach the Bible to children, a HUGE help with Bible clubs
  13. I have time to sit on the porch and read a good book because you downloaded it
  14. You deliver pictures, praises, and randomly awesome moments around the world every afternoon
  15. Children in Bible club are on their best behavior because of the games and videos you provided
  16. You allow me to quickly check email while changing out of my Bible club clothes into a t-shirt and shorts so I can play with kids
  17. Netflix is always there so technically I’m not eating dinner alone 🙂
  18. Sitting on the porch after dinner you collect my random thoughts online, and help me organize them into a story
  19. As the day starts to wind down I’m able to further my education, communicate with family and friends, or read articles and books (sometimes all at once)!
  20. And every night before sleep I watch episodes of my favorite tv programs

The thing is I didn’t realize just how big a part of my life you where until I did have you anymore, so these unplugged days are a blessing because they’ve shown my over-dependency on wifi.  Of course you will always be part of my life, but it’s a good thing to know I can actually survive without you.  Having said that, I look forward to being with you again 🙂


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