James 2:5 -The God Who Uses Us As We Are

IMG_0069James 2:5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?

Its been over twenty-four years ago, but I still vividly remember the night God transformed my life in a powerful way.

It was Easter Sunday night 1992, and my pastor preached on the need for men and women who would take a real stand for the Lord.  God through the Holy Spirit touched my heart as an introverted 9th grader and challenged me to become one of those people.

My response to God (though I’m not proud of it) was that He needed to find someone else since I wasn’t talented enough to be used by Him.

This led to spiritual argument with God on the way home (never a good idea by the way) that involved my listing all of the things required of someone who would be used by Him.

  1. They had to be an extrovert
  2. and good looking (great physical condition)
  3. Extremely intelligent
  4. And able to have a conversation without making themselves look like a moron
  5. Of course I didn’t fit any of the prerequisites so I expected God to simply find somebody else

I am so glad He didn’t 🙂

My argument ended later on that night when I knelt beside a white chair on my parents patio, and gave God control of my life. That moment was a turning point for me because I truly understood I wasn’t worthless, but also that God chooses to use us just as we are.

Of course there is a need for spiritual growth in a persons life.  However God didn’t come to me that night and say, “okay John once you become confident, popular, and learn to slam-dunk a basketball come back and see me.” instead He chose to use me for His glory as an introverted non-athlete.

Often we find people who like me have an idea in their mind of the person God will use….and the Lord takes great joy in choosing the ones we don’t expect.  The reason for this is of course God looks past a persons personality or abilities and focuses on their heart. 

The Lord could see that past my anxiety and inability to hit a three-point shot, and saw a heart that was submissive to Him.

A heart that would willingly leave everything he knew and share the Gospel in other Countries

A heart loved to call children off the street, for a glass of juice and a Bible story

A heart that would take great joy in proclaiming the truths of Scripture

There are many lessons God has taught me over the years, but perhaps the most important is the one He taught me Easter Sunday night 1992…It doesn’t matter what you can or cannot do, what matters is whether or not you have a close relationship with God.


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