Weekly Ministry Update-Opening of New Doors

cropped-New-Profile-Pic1.jpgOctober 5, 2015

Dearest Friends,

Well it’s almost been a month since I returned to the island (amazing how fast time goes by) and the Lord is helping me make a transition from relationship development to ministry.  Its obviously very exciting to see God open up new doors to share the Gospel, but at the same time I definitely need prayer, and wisdom in what steps to take.  This week I’m sharing some of these new island ministry opportunities so that you can rejoice with me, and know how to pray better.

Afternoon Bible Story Time:  What began as letting two boys play with my iPad for five minutes so I could share a Bible story with them sort of took off last week.  On Thursday I had ten children (only the first four get iPad time) crammed onto my front porch listening to a story about Adam and Eve being cast out of the garden, and why our sins hurt God.  Having this many children in a small space can be a bit chaotic, so I’m asking the Lord for wisdom in how to deal with such a large group of children, and that they would clearly hear the Gospel.

Discipleship Studies:  This Wednesday I am beginning to go through discipleship studies with a young man from the Church who is struggling quite a bit spiritually.  He’s like a lot of Christians who do the outer things right like going to Church or reading the Bible, but don’t seem to have a close relationship with God.  His agreeing to start meeting with me Wednesday is a praise so I am praying that these Bible studies can help him accept Christ if he hasn’t done so already, and grow closer to the Lord

I also plan to start discipleship studies with another Church member soon who wants to grow in the Lord, but has a hard time reading the Bible like he should.  It’s my desire that our time together will help him develop the habit of a daily time in the Word of God.

School Ministry:  Friday I spoke with the principal of an elementary school just over the hill about the possibility of ministering to the children there.  She’s very interested in this, and I plan to begin volunteering twice a week in a second-grade classroom that desperately needs extra help.  The volunteering is actually a first step in my relationship with the school and I hope in the future to start a weekly Bible club there.  Pray that I can develop relationships with the children who would then come by to hear my Bible stories, and start attending Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Young Peoples Meetings:  Finally last Friday we started again a weekly meeting for young people (young adults or teens) at the Church every week.  This is actually a huge outreach opportunity because there are many teens in Barrouaille who don’t know Christ, and wouldn’t be willing to attend a Sunday Church service.  The young peoples meeting with games, discussion and Bible study, fellowship time on my porch, and refreshments would be a nice first step towards attending services.  I am asking the Lord as I invite every young person I know to bring them to these meetings.

The thing about a place like Barrouaille is there are great needs wherever you turn, and it isn’t possible to meet every one.  Please ask the Lord to give me wisdom and discretion as I seek to understand which door He has truly opened, and walk through them with confidence.

In Christ,

John Wilburn

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