Homemade Cookies vs an Ipad

As I was walking to the house yesterday a little boy  came hurrying up to greet me.  We walked for a while talking and as I got to the house he informed me that the missionaries wife who I’m filling for along with her husband made food for  him every time he came by.

This isn’t abnormal since a number of children have already come by ringing the doorbell and asking me for food since the missionaries wife always cooked things for them.

I’m actually not questioning their honesty about being fed  since she was well-known for being a very good cook.  It was after asking what she made them that the truth seemed to be stretched a bit.

When I asked Church members they said  she would make things like cookies or pancakes with the  occasional sandwich.  My new friend yesterday confidently told me  she made him roasted chicken and salad 🙂
Now this dear women may  have  actually prepared roasted chicken and salad for that little boy…but I’m pretty sure the line of children demanding tier roasted chicken would be a mile long if she did it often.

Though a little disappointed about not getting roasted chicken the boy was happy to come inside (I don’t do this often but he was able to prove he had been visiting the Church regularly) and take two-dollars for cookies (I’m not heartless after all).  He sat down on the couch while I sat in a chair and asked what he enjoyed about Church.  After a  few minutes of talking he got very quiet…

Is that your  tablet?  He asked motioning to my iPad on the kitchen table with wide eyes

I nodded yes and handed it to him  with a few ground rules

  1. No using the internet
  2. He can only play with it for five minutes
  3. And it was done with me nearby…prepared to  tackle him if he made a break for it 🙂

After he was  done we went  through some “negotiations” and decided on Monday he would come to the missionary’s house after school where I  would supply him with cookies (perhaps pancakes) and thirty minutes with my iPad.

It’s kind of funny but I’ve been praying that the Lord would provide something that would bring the children of Barrouaille to my front porch so I could share the Gospel with them.  Cooking was the Missionaries wifes way of doing it, but my “baking skills” leave a lot to be desired.  It’s possible that something like a tablet can be what God has provided to connect with the children of Barrouaille.

I’m not quite ready to have children ringing my bell all day asking to play with my tablet Editors note:  the boy coming Monday was given clear instructions that ONLY HE can come to play with the iPad.  If there is more than one child, the door stays closed   However if loaning my iPad out for ten minutes is  what it takes for them to hear the  Gospel…then that’s what I will do.

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