Why the World Needs Workhorses

IMG_0056Yesterday I helped some close friends out with a big “moving job”, you know the kind of job I’m talking about

  1. The kind that has enough work for six people and three are showing up
  2. The kind that you dread for at least a week
  3. The kind that you can’t really prepare for ahead of time
  4. In other words, the kind that decides who your friends really are!

I’m going to be honest and say I wasn’t really excited about helping out yesterday while running out the door and gulping down a cup of coffee….but something pretty awesome happened.

the job ended up being a lot of fun

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post referring to myself as a workhorse [1]. Basically that means I prefer getting actively involved in a job and doing it as quickly as possible instead of taking a lot of time to think about it. As you can imagine that doesn’t usually work very well, since almost every job needs planning or thought ahead of time.

But every once in a while God allows us to be workhorses.

Now that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any stress involved [2] or hard work (the whole job took about 5 hours), and some planning about how to pack or load things was definitely needed. But yesterday reminded me there’s a blessing found in being a workhorse.

Countless people go home from their jobs every day frustrated because they didn’t seem to accomplish anything. This isn’t surprising because countless things keep them from accomplishing their goals.

Like many of you I’ve had days when falling asleep I couldn’t think of something…anything that had been accomplished.

Yesterday was not like that.

At around 3:00 yesterday afternoon I was able to look at stacks of boxes, books, and furniture in a garage and say with a sense of pride (and weariness) “I did this!” Let me tell you, there is something immensely gratifying about seeing something you accomplished or built with your own hands.

But the greatest blessing of workhorse jobs isn’t a sense of accomplishment…it’s being able to revive a dying breed of worker.

As someone who spends a lot of time ministering to teenagers I can tell you many of them have never had jobs, and the ones who do have jobs are very specific about what they won’t do [3].

There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest is in their opinion workhorse jobs are beneath them [4].

When understanding this it’s easy to condemn our culture lack of a work ethic. However at the same time this gives Christians a great opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ.

The thing is, displaying a very strong work ethic that embraces workhorse jobs will seem strange to an unbelieving world. And when they ask where that difference comes from, we can share Christ.

I’m incredibly grateful God allowed me to get over my bad attitude yesterday morning and enjoy a day of hard work. Because it reminded me carrying boxes or loading a truck with a smile (and sweat) on my face is one of the greatest witnesses we can give for the Gospel.

  1. http://wilburninmelbourne.com/2015/07/when-god-calls-a-workhorse-to-be-a-surgeon/  ↩
  2. as with any moving job it was definitely stressful  ↩
  3. I had a teen I was mentoring and never had a job explain in detail all of the jobs he would never do including work at a fast-food restaurant, and a grocery store  ↩
  4. it’s becoming more and more common to see this belief in adults as well  ↩

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