Short-Term Ministry Update

wilburnsquareforsocialmediaDearest Friends,

A few weeks ago I sent an update after returning from teaching Theology classes in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  One of my requests in that email was that you pray with me about short-term opportunities God may open while the visa process continues, well this week I would like to share with you how God answered those prayers.

The permanent residency application is moving along and I’m being encouraged by friends in Melbourne to just be patient because the process takes time.  I totally understand that, however while being patient on that end (Australia) the Lord won’t allow me to be patient on this end (US while the application is completed).

Because of that I came to the Baptist Mid Missions Annual Conference last week and spoke with my field-director as well as other Missionaries about possibilities for what they call “short-term placement”.  This is an extended short-term ministry that would typically last six months to a year.

Praise the Lord as a result of those conversations three mission fields were brought up as possibilities for short-term placement!  One opportunity has already been offered to help teach a class on the book of Romans in October, and another field is praying about how the Lord can use me with Church planters on their field.

Just to clarify these ministries will not replace my work in Melbourne.  I wrote to my fellow missionaries in Australia Saturday saying “let me absolutely clear that this doesn’t replace Melbourne, or my call to the Australian people.  Trust me when I say returning to be with you is my greatest desire.”   Instead of a replacement these are opportunities to share the Gospel with those around the world who don’t know Christ while the visa is finalized.  

Obviously there are some specific prayer requests so please join me in praying:

  1. That God would open the right door, and I would clearly see His direction
  2. That if it’s the Lord’s Will this ministry would last at least six-months
  3. That the Australian visa process would continue while I’m serving overseas
  4. And that if none of these ministry opportunities are God’s Will, He would provide new ones

Thanks so much for all of your prayers as I become actively involved in short-term placement ministry.

In Christ,

John Wilburn

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