Learning to Love the Hello Kitty Room

Hello Kitty room

One of the greatest blessings of my Visa application process is it allows me to spend more time with my   parents.  Before my return to the States it was decided that I would live with them and save up money for large purchases in Australia like a car or down payment on a home.

One of my goals before moving in was to be a person who contributed instead of relying on his parents, and doing very little work.  The Lord helped by allowing me to give towards expenses, and keep myself very busy ministering to those in the community, spending very little time at home.

Initially I moved into our guest bedroom in the downstairs portion of our split-level home (allowing me to   jokingly tell people I lived in my parent’s basement) but as my father’s library grew it became apparent he would need to move his office downstairs.

At first this may not seem like a huge change, but believe me it was.  Downstairs gave me a sense of privacy and independence, the room that I would be moving into upstairs was directly across the hall from my parents bedroom.

Well technically that isn’t true…the first room I moved into temporarily was my nieces “Hello Kitty Room” complete with pink walls.  Thankfully I have since moved into a much “manlier room” that boasts tan        colored walls.


The good news is phase one of moving dads study downstairs is complete, bad news is that puts me in my nieces “hello kitty room”

A photo posted by australianmissionary (@australianmissionary) on Mar 31, 2015 at 8:59am PDT



The Hello Kitty Room and living across the hall from my parents was a little difficult for me the first couple of days.  Not because I don’t love them (I truly do) but my heart wanted to be in Australia.  And part of me was (wrongfully so) ashamed that I was living in my parents home instead of there.  So the downstairs area sort of became my comfort zone that allowed me to escape that truth, and act as if I was on my own.


And this is why God put me in the Hello Kitty Room.  Because the painful circumstances of life aren’t meant to be escaped, but embraced.  

Being across the hall from mom and dad leaves no doubt whatsoever I’m living with my parents…but that’s okay

  1. Because it draws us closer together
  2. Because I’m able to help them more
  3. Because they help me more
  4. Because it keeps me from becoming too independent
  5. And more than anything it reminds me that Australia is God’s Will

Sometimes we willingly leave our place of comfort when God calls us to do it, other times we are dragged kicking and screaming into the Hello Kitty room.  Take it from me when this happens thank God for it.  It’s only as we face the painful truth that it can be used for His Glory.

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