Genesis 3:5 The Foundation of Every Temptation

Adam, Eve and apple


Genesis 3: 4 But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.

Genesis 3:5 For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”


The core of every temptation we receive from Satan can be found in Genesis 3:5. Here the Devil tells Eve God commanded them not to eat from the tree because he was afraid they could do a better job of making decisions than Him.

Now obviously Adam and Eve didn’t literally become God after eating the fruit, but I don’t believe this is what he meant anyways. Instead emphasis should be placed on the phrase “knowing good and evil.”


Up to this point God made the rules

He was the one who got to decide what they could or couldn’t eat

He was the one who initiated consequences if they ate from the tree

He was one in control


Basically Satan is telling Eve after eating this fruit she will make the rules [1]. And going a step farther, she could do a better job of making the rules (being God) than God

From the beginning of time that idea [2] has been at the source of every rebellion.

  1. It’s what got Satan thrown out of Heaven (Isaiah 14:13–14)
  2. It’s what got Adam and Eve thrown out of Eden (Genesis 3:22–24)
  3. It’s what disqualified every man or woman leading up to Christ [3]


Today this idea is still used by Satan to lead us towards rebellion…but in a slightly different fashion.

It’s all about control

Our fallen sin-nature constantly craves control over circumstances, which is why we find ourselves arguing or fighting with others over incredibly foolish things sometimes.

Our hearts craving control pretty much paints a gigantic red X on our backs and practically begs Satan to tempt us with the idea we can be a better God.

And before you start thinking to yourself “that’s okay I will just prepare myself for that temptation” keep in mind that we are broken people who apart from Christ have no hope of withstanding a temptation.


Okay so how can we withstand this powerful temptation?

Ask God to help us remember

See Satan is lying when he claims we can do a better job of running things since the moment Eve ate the fruit everything immediately fell apart. In the same way God allows us in His mercy to make our own decisions sometimes to show just how foolish we are.

It’s those memories that can add an aspect of clarity in Satan’s temptation

Remember what happened last time?
Didn’t you make a complete mess of things?
Didn’t you end up crying out to God for help?
Didn’t you promise NEVER to do that again?


The entire Old Testament revolves around a common theme

  1. God challenges his people to obey
  2. The people disobey God
  3. God judges His people and they repent
  4. God delivers them from their judgment

As this cycle repeats itself over and over a very clear message is heard

There is a God…But your not Him

  1. decide what’s right and wrong  ↩
  2. I can do a better job of being God  ↩
  3. each one chose to take the place of God (choose their own way)  ↩

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