Genesis 3:1 Why God Says No

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The shock of Satan over God’s command that Adam and Eve not eat from a certain tree (Genesis 2:15–19, Genesis 3:1) [1] created a seed of doubt in her mind about the love of God.


This doubt led Eve to change the command of God (3:2–3) [2], and opened the door for a direct attack from Satan (Genesis 3:4–5) that resulted in direct disobedience (Genesis 3:6).


The attacks of Satan haven’t changed that much over the years. He still loves to come by when God tells us no and whisper “why won’t the Lord let you do that anyways?”

Thankfully with Scripture we can give a much better answer to this question…God says no because with absolute freedom we would make a mess of things.


Think with me for a moment about the Garden of Eden

  1. There was no suffering or pain of any kind (no death)
  2. There was no sin (rebellion against God)
  3. There was no anger (all relationships were in harmony)
  4. In other words it was perfect


And what about after Adam and Eve at the fruit in Genesis 3:6?

  1. Shame and hiding from God instead of a close relationship with Him (Genesis 3:7–10)
  2. Seflishness instead of harmony (Genesis 3:11–13) [3]
  3. What should bring happiness brings pain (childbirth) (Genesis 3:16)
  4. What was easy is now incredibly hard (growing and harvesting of food (Genesis 3:17–19)
  5. All mankind is under the curse of death (Genesis 3:19)


The point is God knows with complete freedom we will make a mess of things just like children given freedom to eat whatever they want will have oreos for every meal.


So instead of being a vindictive deity who tells us no because He’s afraid of giving us power, God is the loving parent who says no in order to protect His child from failure


It’s true that sometimes the Lord allows us to make our own decisions and eat oreos for dinner spiritually. But we can be thankful that most of the time he protects us from our own wisdom, and when we do fail is quick to gather us up in His loving arms.

  1. The question “did God really say” is done in surprise so it can be intepreted “you can’t be serious! Did God really say?”  ↩
  2. God said that they couldn’t eat it, He said nothing about not touching it  ↩
  3. its interesting that Adam seems to blame God fot the problem in verse twelve, “the woman whom you gave to be with me”  ↩

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