Frustration Shows Us True Worship

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Of all the blessings frustration brings into our lives, the greatest is being able to choose Him even when our hearts are broken.

God chose to create men and women in “His image” which means (among other things) that we have a choice. The Lord could have created us as robots who didn’t have a free-will, but He is most glorified when we choose him on our own.


Unfortunately because of a sin nature we will always choose our own will over God’s way [1]. The apostle Paul illustrated this by calling us “dead” [2] but I prefer the term “sin addicts” since it describes the inability to do what’s right


Through the death and resurrection of Christ, Christians actually have the ability to choose God instead of ourselves.  This doesn’t come from working harder (the Old Testament way of doing things) but by focusing on God.



Choosing God Over French Fries from John Wilburn on Vimeo.


Last Sunday I came to Church feeling kind of beat up emotionally [3] and in need of God’s help. As the service started we began singing a song that I never heard before called “Salvation’s Song [4]” many of the words were meaningful, but in particular one phrase spoke to me.


So with every breath that I am given I will sing Salvation’s Song


There are moments when it simply isn’t possible for us to worship God or act like everything is fine…and that’s okay. Because it’s in those moments God gives us the strength to choose Him.


In fact real worship doesn’t come from a heart that’s experiencing His blessing, Salvation’s Song comes from a heart that is totally overwhelmed, and turns to God as it’s only hope.


So how do we start to worship God? By focusing on Him instead of circumstances.

  1. God knows what’s best for me
  2. Even the pain is part of His perfect plan for my life
  3. He is using this suffering to draw me closer to Him
  4. What I’m experiencing now is NOTHING compared to what I will experience in eternity with God
  5. The Lord is surrounding me with countless blessings



As we start to meditate on God worship will begin.



It may not be loud and confident (I couldn’t even bring myself to sing the chorus of Salvation’s Song ) but a voice of praise will rise to God from our hearts.



And that’s what worship is all about anyways.

  1. For a detailed description of this visit yesterdays post  ↩
  2. a dead body cannot save itself (Ephesians 2:1)  ↩
  3. combination of stress and frustration  ↩
  4.  ↩

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