Frustration Shows Me I Can’t Fix Things

2012-09-21 21.09.03As my journey back to Melbourne continues one of the emotions I struggle with is frustration. Not a frustration with the Australian government (they’ve been incredibly helpful) but a frustration with how long the process is taking.

Frustration over things not happening the way we want is actually a normal emotion, the danger arises when we allow that frustration to begin affecting the way we view God [1].

Because of this I asked myself recently, “how is my extended stay in the US a blessing?”

Almost immediately the Lord gave an answer; It offers perspective on God’s sovereignty, and my weakness.

I’m the kind of person who hates to ask people for help. The belief is since everyone is struggling with their own problems I shouldn’t burden them with mine, but it’s just plain pride.

Over time that refusal to ask for help developed the habit of trying to “fix” all of life’s problems on my own. It got to the point when facing a challenge my first thought would be “how do I fix this?”

The problem is I’m not created to fix the problems of life. I’m called to seek the Will of God (His commands) and obey them so that the Lord can fix things.

Of course being a strong-willed [2] individual I still try to take care of it myself…so God brings a situation into my life that I can’t fix [3].

It’s easy to become bitter when encountering a unfixable problem from the Lord, but it can also remind us it’s God’s job to fix things.

You have no idea how liberating that thought can be

Of course it isn’t easy admitting you can’t fix things (and swallowing your pride) but asking God for help can bring an incredible peace.

  1. When stress comes my first thought doesn’t have to be “how can I fix this?”
  2. My first thought becomes “Lord how can you use this for your glory?”[4]
  3. It’s no longer about my strength, it’s about God’s strength (I WILL BE BROKEN, but that’s okay)
  4. The Lord brings us to His Word so that our comfort comes from Him instead of ourselves
  5. Over time our eyes will be focused on God instead of the struggle
  6. This gives us a true sense of perspective: God is the one who is Sovereign and created everything, my only job is to obey Him

Job found that sense of perspective after exhibiting frustration and self-pity over a unfixable problem in His life. Towards the end of his venting God Himself showed up…this resulted in a complete change of attitude.

Job 42:2 I know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted

Job 42:3 Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge? Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand. Things to wonderful for me, which I did not know

Translation: You are so much more powerful than me Lord (42:2) I had no idea what I was talking about (42:3).

Thankfully the Lord doesn’t always have to bring chaos into our lives for us to confess this, but it’s good to know He is willing to do it if necessary.

  1. The Lord is unjust or unfair, asking God why constantly  ↩
  2. stubborn  ↩
  3. like a visa process that I can’t do anything to move along faster  ↩
  4. remember EVERYTHING in our life comes from God, and He has a purpose for it  ↩

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