Why I Ignore God Moments

Purchased from fotilla.com
Purchased from fotilla.com

Every Wednesday I tutor Phillip [1] a kindergartener at a local elementary school who struggles with spelling. Last week after going through our ABC’s, we began reading a book about animals, and found a picture of a porcupine.

Phillip was fascinated by the spikes (quills) of the porcupine and asked me why they had it had them. After explaining that it was the way they protected themselves something in my heart encouraged me to talk to him about God.

Our conversation went something like this…

“Me: You know Phillip Mr. Wilburn believes that God created the porcupine

“Phillip: Oh I know who that is, he lives up there! (pointing to the ceiling)

It’s my belief that the Lord brings many moments into our lives when the Gospel (or part of it) can be shared in everyday conversation [2]

Lately I’ve noticed though that even when the Lord brings a “God moment” into my life I don’t take it

This has nothing to do with the fact that I’m ashamed to share the Gospel, but there are many legal issues involved with sharing it (particularly while tutoring in the school system) [3].

This is why the Lord creates God moments:

  1. Moments when the Gospel can be used to answer a persons question (like why does the porcupine have spikes?)
  2. Moments when the Gospel is shared in a conversational style (here is what I believe and I would be very interested in finding out your view)
  3. Moments when the person is dealing with a great struggle (let me tell you how the Lord helped me in a situation like this)
  4. Moments when your testimony leads to a deeper conversation

The thing about God moments is they aren’t obvious…God’s not going to hit you over the head with a hammer when He wants the Gospel to be shared.

Instead they come quietly

The friend whose having a bad day
A conversation at lunch
A co-worker who needs someone to talk to
Or a book about animals

It’s the will of God that the Gospel would flow through us so that we are constantly (in humility) bringing it into our everyday conversation. So it won’t always be easy to find a God moment.

But when you do, it’s incredibly exciting.

  1. not his real name  ↩
  2. most of the time we are allowed to share a Truth of the Gospel in these moments like “there is a God”  ↩
  3. Sadly it’s easy to lose your job or volunteer position because of a Christian witness  ↩

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