A Closed and Opened Door

IMG_0118January 22, 2015

Dearest Friends,

As the Visa process continues one of my prayers is that the Lord will allow me to become involved in short-term missions work until it’s completion.

God chose to answer that prayer in a unique way as I met a professor from Piedmont International University while walking to dinner at Church on a Wednesday night.

She explained that they needed someone to teach two classes in Chittagong, Bangladesh on January 13, and asked if I would be willing to do it.  I agreed so soon all my time was focused on Christology, and Classic Christian Literature classes.

A  few days before the trip however I received an email saying that the classes would have to be canceled .

The reason for this is a rival political group in Bangladesh had setup a roadblock in Dhaka (one of the Countries largest cities) and weren’t letting anyone through.

This would make it impossible for my students to come from the Northern area of Bangladesh to the south where our classes would be held in Chittagong.

Obviously this was disappointing, but of course the students safety is the most important thing.  The class has been rescheduled for June 2015 if I’m still in the Country

The blessing is I now have the material for two classes that can be used for discipleship or evangelism (The Christology class in particular).  I cannot help but believe the Lord had another purpose for creating these lesson plans so I’ve begun praying that He will give opportunities.

  1. To teach the material in short-term missions trips overseas
  2. Teach it as modules or messages in local Churches
  3. Use material for one on one discipleship
  4. Use material for Bible studies with unbelievers
  5. Or offering it in an on-line format

Please pray the Lord would allow me to share with others our great need for a Redeemer

With Love,

John Wilburn

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