Why I Put The Donut Down…Again

This week I made a drastic change that will not only affect my ministry, put personal life, and help the return to Australia. It’s something that’s needed to be done for a long time but I kept putting it off.  This week that finally came to a stop.

What is this huge decision?

No more buying snacks

Over the years I’ve developed a habit of buying cheap snacks during the day costing one or two dollars. It began with 59-cent donuts at Walmart, but has since grown to include fruit pies, potato chips, and goldfish among other things

Most people stop buying these kinds of snacks because they are unhealthy but that isn’t necessarily my problem. You would be amazed at how much junk food a person can eat while training for a marathon [1].

The change came as I looked at my expenses for the month of October and was shocked how many fit into the “junk food” category. Those transactions showed just how much power snacks had over me.

The problem with cheap junk food is you don’t really think about buying it because they are only a few dollars. However it’s surprising how quickly those two-dollar expenses can add up

Please don’t think I’m against junk food (trust me I am a huge fan). However more than ever before it’s important for us to be careful with our money [2].

And though most of us do a great job of evaluating larger expenses, it’s easy to overlook that sixty-cent donut (or how many of them we buy in a month).

In the end I want my money to be invested in things that really matter

  1. Like sharing the Gospel of Christ with others
  2. Ministering the needs of families who are financially struggling
  3. Offering services for free that people would normally pay for
  4. And helping those in foreign Countries who don’t have what we enjoy

In order to do this things like junk food have to go

  1. The cherry pies
  2. The Pepsi
  3. The Chips
  4. The Crackers
  5. And yes even the donuts

It will be a sacrifice but I think that I’ll live.

  1. the marathon diet goes like this…run twenty-two miles, and then eat whatever you want  ↩
  2. this is particularly true for Christians who are comanded to glorify God wtih finances  ↩

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