Why I Run (And You Should Too)

It doesn’t take long for people to figure out running is a big part of my life. The question they usually have after learning I’m a runner is “why do you run?”

My answer to this is different from the normal reasons for running or exercise.

  1. Like staying in shape (losing weight)
  2. Stress relief
  3. to have fun
  4. Or make new friends

While all of these are motivations the most important reason for running is this: I run because of what I used to be

Allow me to explain…

God in His sovereignty didn’t choose to give me lots of athletic skill [1] which meant as a child anything that involved physical activity usually ended in embarrassment.

And because exercise was avoided at all costs I was always out of shape and overweight.

It wasn’t till 2000 (a year after graduating from College) that I finally decided to take fitness seriously for the first time in my life.

Today I regret spending so many years using lack of natural ability as an excuse for inhaling bag after bag of microwave popcorn [2].

There’s an idea in the minds of people that unless you have the physical skill of Lebron James, Peyton Manning, or Derek Jeter you can never get in shape. Let me just go ahead and clarify something for you…that’s a lie.

Of course we know this, but sometimes you need to see that non-athletic person conquer physical challenges

And that’s why I run

  1. It isn’t always pretty
  2. You will never mistake me for Usain Bolt
  3. I’m usually the last one in my group
  4. And lets just say my form isn’t perfect [3]

but if one person who buys into the “I can never get in shape” lie sees me and is challenged it will be worth it.

  1. The kind who wore “husky jeans” as a child
  2. Who always got diet pepsi while thier brother or sister got regular pepsi
  3. Who always happened to come down with something just when PE class started
  4. Who tried dozens of diets, but never really changed their eating habits [4]

I’m convinced the world is filled with people who truly want to put the donut down and start getting fit. But they need heros and role models.

Which is why we all must run

  1. the ability to play sports  ↩
  2. Especially days like today when my old knees are giving me grief…and by old I mean 38  ↩
  3. It’s gotten worse since a friend told me I point my feet in when I run  ↩
  4. by the way all of these happened to me so I’m not singling anyone out other than myself  ↩

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